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Lo Que Nuestros Estudiantes Dicen De Nosotros

Just wanted to pass a note on to you and express my thanks for the MBB session we did in Boca Raton last year. I took a lot away from that program, followed it up with some study time and invested 13 weeks in the classroom as a co-instructor (and even solo instructor). I’m proud to say that I passed my MBB board review earlier this year (late February). I can honestly say I would not have been as prepared, or motivated to take on the additional workload, had it not been for your class and investment in me.

Anthony P. Moffa

Tyco Safety Products – Westminster

Thank you very much for your email about MBB certification. It is an incredible honor for me to be certified as MBB by one of the most esteemed institutions worldwide in the field of Lean Six Sigma. Through the MBB coursework and certification process, we have developed a strong lifelong relationship. I am looking forward to reaching out to my mentors at SBTI as I progress through many Lean Six Sigma endeavors in my professional life. I am proud to be an alumnus of SBTI’s MBB program.

Dr. Shriniwas S. Chauk


Thanks a lot for your congratulations and all your support during this year. I also know that I have a lot of work to do in front of me in order to make LDFSS methodology a standard method and a “common way” to work in Engineering and to improve myself. Nevertheless, this accomplishment will help me to continuing in leading and training our people in my Company. This is, as I said to you, my “Gold Medal” in Six Sigma. I will keep your example as a way to follow for my career.

Pier Eugenio Grassano

Tyco Electronics

Thank you very much! Your entire MBB program has been extremely well done and has definitely moved me to a completely new level in my effectiveness and my career as a whole. Thanks again for your help and excellent instruction!

Dan Irlbeck

Tyco Electronics


Thanks for all your help and excellent instruction through the MBB process. I can honestly say that this experience has been life changing and I hope to leverage this knowledge throughout the rest of my career, and probably longer. We are truly a band of brothers.

Rich Whyne

Tyco Electronics


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