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“When our hospital embarked on using Lean and Six Sigma methodologies to improve processes in our surgical services, there were not a lot of health care organizations using these methodologies. That is why it was important for us to partner with SBTI for their expertise and guidance. Our doctors and staff are embracing the improvements we have made which have resulted in greater efficiencies in our surgical areas.”

Doug Leonard, President & CEO

Columbus Regional Hospital

“They [SBTI] have been a wonderful partner throughout this entire thing. They have helped us with Six Sigma opportunities and this kaizen event. We hope to continue to use Six Sigma, Lean, and Kaizen together as a portfolio of performance improvement techniques to help us make our hospital a better place.”

Gary Jepson, President & CEO

Central Texas Medical Center

“SBTI really helped the team get focused on the best and most cost-effective way to improve the system. We were actually going into this process focusing on one item and were very surprised to see something else pop up…It’s already working.”

Dr. Maddie Teller-Cook, Clinical Manager, Pharmacy

Central Texas Medical Center

“What I love about Six Sigma is that it challenges us to focus on how good we can be, forces us to understand where we are today, and enables us to bridge the gap between the two. What I love about the people at SBTI is that they understand how to make that come alive for people in a credible way. If your team would rather learn Six Sigma from experts who have made it work in the real world, I think you’ll be delighted with SBTI.”

Dave Weidman, COO


“Initially we chose SBTI for Design for Six Sigma. It was pretty clear to us that they had very experienced, incredible people who would be successful working with our engineering community. We felt the quality of their instructors was extremely high. We looked at two other competitors and found the materials were superior at SBTI. We’ve found the best part of working with SBTI is how responsive they are to our needs.”

Steve Schaus, Vice President Operational Excellence

Sequa Corporation

“CSX and SBTI began a partnership in 2001 which has produced cumulative bottom line benefits in excess of $600M. The partnership began by CSX adopting and implementing SBTI’s process playbook with the support of six experienced Master Black belts and project managers. Over time, SBTI has demonstrated the flexibility to meet CSX evolving needs as part of our drive to become the safest, most progressive North American railroad, relentless in the pursuit of customer and employee excellence.”

John Murphy, Assistant Vice President Process Improvement

CSX Transportation

“We wanted to find someone world class to help us with every single one of our processes from raw materials all the way to R&D Design for Six Sigma processes and improve each one of them. The biggest impact from a strategic perspective has come from Design for Six Sigma. Short term, Six Sigma DMAIC has had the biggest impact on our bottom line. My mantra is “if you want to be world class find world class people to work with”. We wanted SBTI with us all along the way.”

Al Landers, Vice President Innovation and Technology

J M Huber

“We experimented with a different company, did some research and learned about SBTI and I was really impressed with their use of Minitab and the Sigma Breakthrough philosophy we saw; that they were problem solvers who used statistics not statistics people who had gotten involved in problem solving. Now that doesn’t sound like a big difference but it is. The teaching material is extremely well organized and very effective. You can tell they’ve been doing this a while.”

Hank Moles, Director Operations Productivity


“We chose SBTI because of their flexibility, their sense of urgency plus pricing. The project manager was very easy to work with and understood our business which was very important to us. We’re seeing $700,000 per project this year. We had what seemed like the best of SBTI working with us – we had 5 Master Black Belts working with us all the time and it worked great.”

Mike Froman, Director Process Center/Lean Six Sigma

Ashland Specialty Chemical

“SBTI has brought to Celanese a powerful, but easy-to apply toolset in Lean Sigma. The SBTI approach not only enables our people to achieve sound operational and financial improvements on our processes, but generates excitement and ownership in them. This is a key success factor for sustainable results”

Antonio Rodriguez, Site Director, Cangrejera, Veracruz, Mexico

Celanese Chemicals

“Lean Sigma challenges us as a hospital to focus on how good we can be and forces us to understand where we are today, and enables us to bridge the gap between the two. At the center of all this is our driving motivation to do the best we can for patients.”

Thomas A. Sonderman, M.D., Vice President and Chief Medical Officer

Columbus Regional Hospital

“We saved $11,000,000 in 14 months using Lean Six Sigma”

Marlene Weatherwax, CFO

Columbus Regional Hospital

“We reviewed Healthcare Lean Sigma training materials from a number of organizations and found SBTI’s to provide the highest value and best fit for our Green Belt training needs.”

Catherine D. Lee, MBB and Director, Operational Process Improvement

Unity Health System

“It was great to show the organization the payoff that we were beginning to realize. People couldn’t believe it when they saw 6 and 7 figure savings coming from the projects. Results make believers of everyone! Now we have some traction.”

Dave Rosenfeld, AVP Six Sigma Director

Bob’s Stores

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