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Nuestros Socios Estratégicos:
Mejorando nuestro Apoyo y Asegurando Resultados

Una pieza clave en el éxito que SBTI ha tenido con sus clientes es la selección e integración de socios estratégicos. A través de todo el proceso de mejorar compañías, la recolección y administración de los sistemas de datos es un factor crítico. Hacer que el proceso sea más fácil de entender es esencial para calificar e identificar los resultados de un programa. A menudo los productos y servicios de nuestros socios están descritos dentro del material que hemos desarrollado durante la última década. A menudo hacemos referencia a ello y actualizamos el material conforme a los cambios que puedan ocurrir.


Cognition Corp. and SBTI partnered in January 2001 to co-develop the Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) Cockpit. This software solution has the ability to manage the many critical parameters of complex designs as they are being developed. This unique package maps the relationships of many design features and their related tolerances to aid the designer in providing a more robust designed product.

Oracle – Crystal Ball

SBTI has identified Oracle’s Crystal Ball, the provider of the popular risk analysis software, as the risk analysis software it utilizes in its Design For Six Sigma (DFSS) training. Crystal Ball runs in Windows Excel and provides DFSS Black Belts the ability to perform tolerance and risk analysis through Monte Carlo Analysis techniques.

SBTI incorporates tolerance-modeling techniques as a critical aspect of their DFSS curriculum. This technique permits Black Belts to conduct risk analysis on tolerances for critical components to determine the probability of a design or tolerance conflict.


iGrafx is the leading provider of process analysis solutions specifically designed to make Six Sigma more efficient, more powerful, and easier to implement. iGrafx Process for Six Sigma provides a visual framework for connecting the data that drive process performance. Through this framework, the origins of hidden factories, bottlenecks, and other drivers of time, cost and rework are rapidly exposed, enabling “quick hit” improvements.


Inogen is a global corporation providing multinational organizations with consistent, high quality and cost effective environmental, health and safety solutions. They assist our multinational clients resolve liabilities from the past, address today’s requirements and deliver solutions for the future.


Instantis provides a suite of packaged Enterprise Performance Excellence solutions targeted at Global 2000 C-level executives championing cross-enterprise performance-driving initiatives. Built on Instantis’ Java-based service-oriented application infrastructure, each solution provides unmatched customizability and rapid integration. Together with SBTI, Instantis can deliver a highly robust ‘turn key’ solution or one that is customized to help your company achieve results and easily replicate project successes.


JMP 7 is statistical discovery software that dynamically links statistics with graphics to interactively explore, understand and visualize data. Designed for anyone who wants to discover relationships and outliers in their data, JMP provides a comprehensive set of statistical tools as well as Design of Experiments and statistical quality control in a single package. Empower employees at all levels to do data analysis closer to the actual process.


Statistical Software is the ideal package for Six Sigma and other quality improvement projects. From Statistical Process Control to Design of Experiments, Minitab offers methods to implement every phase of your quality project, along with features like StatGuide™ and ReportPad™ that help you understand and communicate your results.


PowerSteering Enterprise provides on-demand program management software for Lean, Six Sigma, Operational Excellence and other strategic performance improvement initiatives. The highly flexible and easy to use software facilitates optimal selection of initiatives, effective program execution, and real-time tracking of results and risks. Organizations are able to markedly improve strategy alignment, executive visibility, and team productivity of initiatives and ensure that those initiatives achieve projected financial results.


Provides an integrated toolkit for managing your Lean and Six Sigma projects. SigmaFlow seamlessly integrates the complex data and relationships of your Lean and Six Sigma projects into an intuitive workspace that significantly improves project efficiency.

The Quality Group

 The Quality Group (TQG) delivers learning systems and solutions for SBTI customers. TQG is the innovation leader in both Web 2.0 enabled platforms and best-of-class Lean Six Sigma e-Learning and blended learning content. Seamless integration with existing learning systems, material specifically designed for blended learning approaches, and ease of customization are just a few of the reasons TQG is the right partner to deliver and support SBTI’s portfolio of learning technologies.

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