Case Studies

Cuidado de la Salud


Hospital-Wide Deployment Improved Patient Satisfaction, Safety and Financial Benefits

This case study describes one hospital’s experience in the first two years of Lean Sigma implementation…

CRH-HospitalWide (pdf)


Improving Inpatient Discharge Cycle Time and Patient Satisfaction

Using the Lean Sigma methodology and DMAIC roadmap, this case study illustrates a project which greatly reduced the cycle time…

CRH-InPatientDischarge (pdf)


Reducing Average Length of Stay in Minor Treatment Center by over 50 percentin 4.5 days.

This study follows a kaizen event at the Minor Treatment Center in a Miami hospital’s emergency department…

CRH-ReducingALOSMTC (pdf)


Reducing Discharged Not Final Billed Resulting in One-Time CashExceeding $2 Million.

Hospitals need to aggressively pursue payments in order to deliver the highest-quality care to their patients…
CRH-ReducingDNFB (pdf)


Reducing the Pend Rate for Insufficient Clinical Information

Using Lean Sigma and the DMAIC roadmap, a managed care organization reduced the rate of cases pending…

CS-ReducingPendRate (pdf)

Servicio Profesionales


Increasing Satisfaction of Residential Solar Installation by ProvidingAccurate Cost Predictions.

This study highlights the Quality Function Deployment (QFD) aspects of a Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) for a residential market…

DFSS-SolarPanelInstallation (pdf)

Comercio Minoritsta / Retail


Titled “Mission Breakthrough”, apparel retailer returns five times investment intwo years.

Leveraging engaged top management and following proven program practices, this case study shows…

Bob’sStoresCaseStudy (pdf)

Manufactura Química


Manufacturer saves $690,000 in storage fees while avoiding millions inadditional projects

Using Discovery Event methodology, this study shows how a chemical manufacturer was able to reduce its fleet by 20%…

Chemical-DiscoveryEvent (pdf)

Manufactura Discreta


Increasing Capacity and Reducing Costs in Chemical Batch Manufacturing Process

This case study illustrates how using a combination of Lean and Six Sigma methodologies can increase capacity while…

OSRAMSYLVANIA-IncreasingCapacity (pdf)


Days Sales Outstanding Reduced from 38 to 31 Days, Realizing Nearly $7,000,000

In order to reduce delinquent dollars in the customer payment process…

DSOExecSummary (pdf)


Shared Services Organization: Six Sigma Produced Savings of $34 MMAcross Company

Several problems identified, customers mentioned product shipping…

CS-SharedServices (pdf)


Operations Improvement: Reduced Rework from 55% to 20%, Saving $325,000 Annual.

Before project, there was no clear definition of “good” and “bad”…

CS-ManufacturingRedux (pdf)


Five-day Discovery Event and Kaizen saves a major railroad $858,000 in partsand labor

Using SBTI’s Discovery Event and Kaizen methods, our client was able to achieve a $858,000 savings…

ANON-RailTamper (pdf)


Reducing Cycle Times and Speed of Batch Processing in AutomotiveCoatings Process

Using the Kaizen process, opportunities for quick improvements and substantial annualized savings are discovered…

BASF-ReducingCycleTime (pdf)

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